The following restrictions apply to proofreading/editing work undertaken on manuscripts that are to be submitted for examination. The editor will not advise on content but will focus on clarity in respect of the aspects shown below and ensure consistency throughout:

  • Spelling, typographical errors, punctuation
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Shortening long sentences and paragraphs for readability
  • Highlighting inconsistencies in language
  • Ensuring formatting is consistently applied
  • Highlighting where writing is unclear (due to language only)
  • Checking that references adhere to the chosen style (e.g., Harvard), including checking for spelling errors and inconsistencies

The review will not include—paraphrasing, alteration of the structure, changing the argument or adding to the content of the work.


The student is required to notify the editor (via email) of the following:
  • The Examining Body
  • The Supervisor’s name and email
  • Confirmation that the proofreading/editing is being undertaken with the knowledge and consent of the Supervisor and/or thesis committee
  • Confirmation that the student understands/agrees with the content of this Code of Practice document