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The world is full of writers and the opportunity for communicating in writing has expanded beyond books and articles. We use websites, blogs, social media, advertising, webinars, company reports, marketing materials to name a few. The opportunity for self-publishing  authors has increased exponentially. The amount of content being produced is deafening but the need to produce quality content is no less important and some might say, even more so.

The written word, competing in the noise of this communications explosion, must fight for its place. It must be easy to understand, constructed correctly and of course, ‘speak’ to your target audience. Errors large and small detract from any written piece.

In short, your text should be fit for purpose, high quality and do justice to all your hard work.
Amanda Falkenberg
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or digital. This is where proofreading can make the difference between the embarrassment of errors, or having a quality result. I will be your fresh pair of eyes and catch the final mistakes, missing words and letters, duplicates or even layout issues that have remained below the radar.
way to communicate. Copy editing not only reviews a document for the usual suspects of grammar, punctuation and sentence structure but it can also highlight wider issues of construction and the flow of a piece. My role is to take a fresh look, correcting errors and making suggestions, where necessary, to improve the quality and cohesion of your work.
translated into English. Perhaps, as a non-native English speaker, you have personally written your piece but is it all that you intended and hoped? I can provide the polish and finish to make it as strong in English as your original work. Usually this involves a combination of copy editing and proofreading.
as part of achieving their PhD or Masters. These days, many universities suggest that students can benefit from having their thesis proofread before final submission. This allows your hard work to shine and allows the examining body to assess the content of your thesis without the distraction of errors and unclear text. All academic proofreading complies with Mosaic’s Code of Practice and any guidelines issued by the university. For more detail, click here.




You’ve put in the hard work but have you missed things? Is it really ready to publish?

  • Reviews your text down to the last details, the errors hiding in plain sight.
  • Checks for any omission, duplication, consitency and format issues.

Per 1000 words  18 €


Copy Editing

Great ideas and content don’t always add up to a quality result and copy editing ensures a cohesive outcome using appropriate, accurate language and structure to allow the target audience to 'hear what you say'.

  • Checks grammar, punctuation and sentence structure.
  • Makes sure your work is well structured, understandable, has flow and allows your content to deliver your message as intended.

Per 1000 words 20 €


Non-Native Writers & Translators

Make sure that what you want to say has not been 'lost in translation'. The goal is to preserve your voice, whilst making sure that language issues do not detract from a quality end product you can be proud of. A combination of copy editing and proofreading is usually helpful ( ProofEdit).

  • Eliminates recurring errors of language—finding the best words for the job.
  • A detailed polish of your words to smooth away the lumps and bumps that translations can create.

Per 1000 words 23 €

Working Together

I am always happy to carry out a preview of an excerpt from your piece. This reassures you I have what it takes to add value to your work. It also allows me to clarify what level of review is required, how long it might take and what the cost to you will be.

I work to both British and American English standards and of course, where required, within the confines of a house style. I use Track Changes in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. As an option, for introductory briefing and follow-up discussions we can connect via Zoom.

I am committed to confidentiality. Naturally, at no point will your content be shared with a third party without your permission and I am always happy to sign a standard nondisclosure agreement should you so wish. Any document I have worked on remains on file for a limited period only.

About Me

During my UK career working in business, I specialised in Marketing, Training and Development, Coaching and later living in Berlin, in Real Estate. I have long been an advocate for ensuring the quality of the written word. Living and working in Berlin, the last 20 years has also allowed me to work with non-native English speakers. I’ve helped them polish their translations for business communications, to apply for study abroad in English or produce a thesis or assignment as part of those studies.

When I made the move into freelance proofreading and copy editing, I finally found myself in the position to indulge my passion and I love it! Although I am based in Berlin we can work together wherever you are.

Amanda Falkenberg

Amanda Falkenberg

Proofreader & Copy Editor

Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP)

Client Testimonials

My clients are my partners and I can not imagine a better future for my business without helping them reach their objectives

Morya Short
Probably the best thing about working with her, apart from her ability to spot the errors I just can’t see, is her thoughtful reading of the text.
Morya Short, UK

Short Coaching

I highly recommend Amanda’s services to everyone who needs thorough and competent editing and I definitely will be happy to work with her in future.
Marina Vagaeva, Berlin


Ann Marie O'Sullivan
It was a pleasure to have worked with Amanda, my completed thesis and my final grade reflected her input, and I would recommend her services wholeheartedly. It is true, every little piece counts!
Ann Marie O'Sullivan, Ireland

Assistant Principal Department of Education and Skills (Ireland)

Jonathan Richards
Amanda brings a great deal to this process; care, tact, true attention to detail, a balanced perspective and an instinctive grasp of the desired result.
Jonathan Richards, UK

Legal Consultant

Maggie Repp
Not only does Amanda provide a high-quality, reliable service, but it is obvious that she genuinely cares about her clients, and their work.
Maggie Repp, Berlin

Relocation Consultant

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